Review: “Multiplicity, Abuse and Healing Website”

Through the admittedly short course of my therapy (to date: 9 months), I have amassed a collection of links to information on the web. Some have excellent little snippets, and others are more comprehensive. Some sites I find myself going back to again and again.

One such site is the Multiplicity, Abuse and Healing Website, written by an abuse survivor. It isn’t a sit

e full of whining and generic information cut-and-pasted from every other website dealing with abuse. It is refreshingly down-to-earth, easy to navigate, and specific in it’s advice and ideas. The articles provide clear references with links when available.

The best part of the site is the Articles page, with a host of self-help articles on dissociation, abuse, and healing.

Here is a sampling of titles to choose from in no particular order and selected for no particular reason other than to illustrate:

Association — The Key To Recovery: “Association seems like such a simple concept. How many times has your therapist urged you to find the connection between an event and your response to it, saying that therein will lie the clue to your healing?” (Hey, remember that last post of mine about realizing the cause of triggers? It’s normal.)

Dissociation & Stages of Development. A nice discussion of developmental stages and the possible outcome of trauma at each stage. (Now I have a better understanding of the results of my trauma at age 5 from another at age 15.)

Switching: “These days, therapists understand that multiplicity is a condition of great secrecy, and most switching between alter selves is difficult to detect, at least initially.”

Grounding Techniques: As survivors we all at one time or another may experience flashbacks and/or periods of intense anxiety surrounding the memories of abuse. During those times it’s important to find ways to ground ourselves in the here and now until the feelings pass.


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