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Thoughts on Integration – What does integration feel like?

Discussion of metaphors for integration that may help those without DID understand that most of us are not discretely different “people” and that integration is a process and not an event. Through “post traumatic growth,” which includes awareness and cooperation of the parts, individuals can become stronger

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Why do we often get worse after starting therapy?

I lamented in a previous post that therapy has made things worse. For that “logical” reason, I decided to stop therapy. However, after a switch away from that rageful person, I am less sure. Some thoughts on why this happens.

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Review: “What is Dissociative Identity Disorder / Multiple Personality Disorder” from Empty Memories

I tripped across a good intro to DID/MPD. It goes nicely beyond the typical 1-pager of regurgitated information floating around the internet. (Not that the other stuff is wrong, it is just sterile, introductory, and overused.)

The article is called What is Dissociative Identity Disorder / Multiple Personality Disorder from the website Empty Memories, about PTSD and DID.

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Switching in DID

For weeks, I have been in a despair of utter depression. Rageful and angry. Lashing out, frustrated, hurting people without realizing, unable to see beyond the next few hours, uncaring what happened to me.

Suicidal, resolute to quit therapy, nearly done with life. Drugged into daily stupor, unable to engage in any of the activities that used to give me pleasure or distraction.

And then I switched. A personal discussion of how and why switching occurs and what does it feel like?

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Comment: Emotional Flashbacks

I read a post today called Non-Visual Flashbacks after Child Abuse. Everyone can understand what a visual flashback might be, even if they have never experienced one. Faith Allen relays that non-visual flashbacks are another wonderful aspect of PTSD, and she is right.  Some thoughts on flashbacks that overwhelm all the senses.

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Dear Ms. DID: Regarding a dissociative episode and diagnoses vs Bipolar III and PTSD


Is it very common for someone with retraumitized PTSD with a recent dissociative episode (connected w/the retraumitization) to be diagnosed with Bipolar III Disorder instead of PTSD? If you know of any studies discerning one from another, please let me know. Thank you.
Best wishes,


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