Comment: A world dipped in fear

I read a great quote today:

PTSD is like waking up one day and the world has been dipped in fear.

Wow. Heavy. True. It’s from a post called Awakenings: Dipped in Fear from the blog of Catatonic Kid: A Mind Boiling Over. It’s a great description of what PTSD feels like.

On triggers:

Your mind links things in illusory ways, ways that appear crazy even to you because for the most part you don’t automatically make the connection between what it is you fear, and your past experience.

On healing:

Healing from trauma is a complicated task that takes you through the backwaters of the mind, to places you never entertained the thought you’d visit. … It’s a search for what really matters to you in life …

Sometimes it’s also about finding a way to protect yourself from yourself, and that’s not an easy task nor one we generally grow up with the tools to accomplish.

Good stuff. Thanks.


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  Catatonic Kid wrote @

Glad you could connect with it, Emily. I really like what I’ve read of your site so far: intelligent, measured and compassionate. I’m so adding you to my reader.

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