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New Guest Book and Blog Sharing Page!

Hi folks

Since many of you have your own blogs and forums, or are even just visiting to read and say hello, I’d like to give you an opportunity to tell a bit about yourself, and also so you can share information about your OWN blogs/websites/forums/whatever.

Note – this is ABSOLUTELY not required, and I log no IP addresses, etc. It’s just a way to share.

The Guest Book is here.

Hope to hear from you and thank you.

Emily et al.


Meet Emily: the harassing, attention-seeking manipulative stalker and computer-crasher

So I participated in a forum for the first time. I asked (nicely) about a strongly held belief on the owner/moderator’s website about DID (that it’s a psychosis). Didn’t make sense to me. After an escalated discussion, I was trashed by the moderator for my “harassing attention-seeking, manipulative behavior.”

Then to prove her point, she edited my posts to her liking in order to remove her inconsistent statements and my questions that she refused to answer. After she locked me out of the forum. <laughing>

Don’t worry – I will not do the same to her. I will keep her anonymous.

But, appears to be a dictatorship. Rewriting history for your own needs. Jr. High School drama, eh? Let’s take a look at how moderators can hurt their own readers, as well as their own reputations. And for this woman, perhaps even her own patients.

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Survey: Do you have a Cover Diagnosis for your Dissociation Diagnosis?

This survey is a follow-on to the previous post, What is your “cover diagnosis” for dissociative identity disorder? where I discuss possible discrimination based on diagnoses. Do you reveal one or more diagnoses to friends and family? This isn’t purely an “interesting” question, but one also driven by finances. I am now struggling with the idea of making claims to my medical insurance company (provided by my employer) for DID.

Am I paranoid to avoid doing this? I value your opinions. I hope you will participate in this short survey, and I will post the results on this website.

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What is your “cover diagnosis” for dissociative identity disorder?

If my employer knew I had a primary diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder (DID), I would probably not be fired, but I would role in the company be changed? But how could they find out? Well, since I am not made of money, my employer pays for my therapy. But nothing is truly confidential. So my cover diagnosis is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Am I being paranoid? Because PTSD is more “acceptable” disorder if my diagnosis leaks out? Does DID somehow have more stigma associated with it than PTSD? What do you think?

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Dear Ms. DID: Is someone with DID psychotic, a neurotic, or just mentally unfit?

Oh, don’t get me started.

While searching on what integration must feel like, I tripped across a forum for HR (human resources) professionals. A few individuals argued with much authority that DID/MPD is a psychosis, or a neurosis, or a mental disorder, (or get this) “a ‘temporary disfavor’ of God.”

They state that this condition causes an individual “to be mentally unfit.” The information in the thread was praised as useful guidance for other HR professionals to take back to their companies. Ohhhhh was I pissed off. So let’s talk, shall we?

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Does integration mean compromising on ice cream?

Today I went shopping after work. Often I pick up ice cream – clearly one of the four food groups. I looked down today to see a half-gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream in my basket. And I don’t even LIKE that flavor.

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Terms people used to find my blog

In WordPress, bloggers have a control panel to manage the blog. We can do anything from write, edit, and delete posts, accept or reject comments, monitor what posts were read each day, and even see what links people selected.

But what surprised me is the list of terms that people have entered into search engines (Google for example) that brought them to my blog. This control panel feature provided something that I had not expected.

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