Terms people used to find my blog

In WordPress, bloggers have a control panel to manage the blog. We can do anything from write, edit, and delete posts, accept or reject comments, monitor what posts were read each day, and even see what links people selected.

But what surprised me is the list of terms that people have entered into search engines (Google for example) that brought them to my blog. This control panel feature provided something that I had not expected.

The top term that has landed searchers on my blog is “jung mandalas”. Hunh. Interesting. I wrote one post that included Jung and mandalas. However, I have written *56* posts on topics related to dissociative identity disorder, while THAT search term is tied for second with another search term (ahem, “mandalas”).

But, I am pretty psyched that “emily first girl blog did” ranks 5th … people are aware of me, my diagnosis, and my blog about my research and experiences.

Interestingly, I am the top ranked Google hit for the search term, “gloria steinum dissociative disorder”. Without the quotes. No, as far as I know, she does not have DID. But who knows.

And then a lot of expected stuff like “Lamical”, “changing therapists”, “two rivers hospital trauma program” or “alters +dissociation”. Make sense.

But what saddened me, and what prompted me to write this post, were some of the more desperate search terms. Some of these took the wind right of out my sails. I know the despair when *I* have entered some heavy search terms, and I could feel their pain as they entered theirs.

  • changing therapists transference
  • escalating anger abuse husband (tied for 6th)
  • rejection of family after therapy
  • suddenly feeling crazy
  • people who don’t understand cutting
  • mpd suicide integration code
  • cycle of anger
  • establishing trust co-workers
  • dissociative identity disorder – accepting
  • punishment cutting trauma
  • lying and omitting facts “spouse”

As much as I get great satisfaction publishing on this blog, sometimes reality hits me really hard.

When people have no one to reach out for, they secretly put their fears and despair into a search engine in the privacy (although perhaps not the safety) of their own homes.

(PS – and no, WordPress does not log any identifying information about who visits my site. Not even IP addresses, so continue to read without worry.)



  annenco wrote @

That’s so cool!
I get some really wacky or sad ones as well.
-How to hurt people (eeps)
-How to change my parents (or something like that)
Sometimes I just want to write something specific “back”, sometimes I have tried.

  asrais wrote @

Sadly one of my top searches is abuseporn, masturbation and dissocitiation, fantasy and flashbacks.
Oddly masturbation and wayne dyer. don’t want to touch that.

  emilylonelygirl wrote @

Yikes. Do you mind sharing your site? I am curious.

I am tempted to update my list, as it changes over time. There are always tons of hits for Meyers Briggs.

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