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Chasing those who infringe on your copyrighted blog material [updated]

A few of us have had blog posts stolen, in whole or in part. So far, I have had one person’s blog shut down, and have recently filed a complaint against another. Here’s how I did it. [8/25/08 Ed. note: The second blog has been shut down!]

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Review: INSiDE short film

YouTube has a fascinating movie called “INSiDE” that was recommended on Secret Shadow’s blog.

It is about 5 minutes long, and it is a representation of MPD/DID. I hesitate to even write anything here because it rather speaks for itself. But the ending – excellent. You gotta see it.

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Forums, Blogs, and Internet Libel

Recently, I formally requested that a forum owner remove libelous statements about me from her website. Some statements were particularly damaging – I was reeking havoc on a website, I was stalking someone’s family member, I was hacking and crashing her computer. Among other things.

The first step in pursuing legal action is to request in writing that the individual remove the libelous material. This I did.

As a result of my request, she banned my IP address, and I am unable to see if she complied by removing the libelous material. She has not contacted me via email. As the damaging information may still be on her site, I have no choice but to rebut her accusations here.

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Review: Yes “The Ancients” and the Selves Who Wait for Me

I wrote an essay on switching last year. It ended with the realization that, as always, I/Cami am the last to know anything. That my inability to make a decision is based on more than my thoughts. That *I* was the last to know that I am not alone in here.

Then I heard my life in song and saw it in video.

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Review: The Willard Suitcase Exhibit Online

I tripped across a site called “The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic.”

The Willard Psychiatric Center closed in 1995 after 127 years of operation. When staff members tried to preserve historic artifacts, they tripped upon a hidden door that contained nearly 400 suitcases of institutionalized patients who had died in the center, never able to reclaim their belongings and return home. Whose families were never found. In this online exhibit, the history and also the contents of 9 suitcases are displayed and the individuals honored.

I cried.

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Review: “Expressions of DID” – (Wo)Men Speak Out

I ran across a good video about DID that Gudrun Frerich posted on her Facebook page – with a link to a video on YouTube called “Expressions of DID.

The video is plain (but in a good way), and gives a good idea what it feels like hiding this from others, and also from yourself. In my opinion, it doesn’t have the same impact as “Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder‘ that I reviewed here, but it is still attempts to be educational from the inside perspective.

The video comes from a website called The Infinite Mind that is dedicated to removing the stigma of DID and educate others. It is different from typical sites and blogs in that they provide services related to education. Here is some information from their services page:

An Infinite Mind’s mission is to educate and advocate for people with trauma based dissociation with a primary focus on Dissociative Identity Disorder by reaching out to a variety of public institutions, and professional organizations. We consult with professional trauma organizations to provide insight and feedback into the realities of DID. We write articles for survivor journals and magazines, appear in local and national media, and speak at a variety of community and professional events in an effort to spread awareness and inspire change. We provide speakers on the topic of DID as well as related mental health issues. If you are in need of a speaker, please contact us to see how we can help you.

So, the link is here to help build up their reader base, and hopefully we will see more information there in the future.