Review: INSiDE short film

YouTube has a fascinating movie called “INSiDE” that was recommended on Secret Shadow’s blog.

It is about 5 minutes long, and it is a representation of MPD/DID. I hesitate to even write anything here because it rather speaks for itself. But the ending – excellent. You gotta see it.

Maybe you should watch it first before I talk about it. But realize that the way people experience their inside environment is a little different for each. This is more extreme than most, and probably more typical of a trigger-induced episode.

Direct YouTube link:

Excelleeeeent. Cooooool.

So is this common?

I see from the YouTube comments that at least one person hears exactly the same cacophony in her head. I suspect it is different for everyone. For me personally, it is not this bad. Usually no more than two or three contributing at once. Much more “cooperation.” I do have garbled sentences with phrases coming from multiple places. I laugh it off as stumbling over my tongue. Dyslexia. I think I am closer to the “normal” end of the scale

<heh, there’s that word “normal” again>

compared to many and to this representation.

But it is a pretty good presentation of the typical range of alters and the different threads of thought that can intrude. Sometimes quickly in and out <heh>, sometimes for longer periods.

That inner self, perhaps the “core” or the “presenting” part – generally less aggressive, more passive, more easily overwhelmed. But all recognizing that that part has ultimate veto power, if only that part could manage to keep the control.

Someone commented that they wished for less dramatic representations of DID/MPD – especially since the film took place in an insane asylum. Because it gives DID/MPD a bad name, so to speak. Implying that’s where we all should be.

While I agree about the implication, I don’t agree that this film should NOT be in the asylum.

I kinda like that it takes place in there – because it almost mocks (but not quite) the stereotype that is so pervasive, and that public understanding is still so archaic. (Although sometimes that padded room is not a completely inappropriate consideration.)

The ending is just spectacular! I didn’t see it coming, and it was the perfect hook.

But you know, of all the representations presented in that movie, the ending was probably the most realistic on so many levels. Attuned to an authority figure, then only able to catch phrases because the rest your head is in chaos. Then the need for a serious sharp smack – a physical and auditory grounding that quiets all the voices.

Then to find that the voice of authority is one of your inside voices as well.



** DIRECTED BY Trevor Sands
©All rights reserved



  secretshadows wrote @

I agree with everything you said here. And I especially like the ending too. It is so unbelieveable! Really overall a good respresentation.
~Secret Shadows

  emilylonelygirl wrote @

Yeah – I wasn’t really into the extreme representation until the end – that justified it all in my mind (minds).


  annenco wrote @

I need to join the club and stick this up lol! Couple other wordpress folks and I were trying to dig up some more info on it , the link doesn’t look like it’s around anymore (at least when I’ve tried it).
For me this is exactly (well as close as one could get without being me) how it was when all the walls crumbled and how it still sometimes is when, like you said, I’m heavily triggered out.
I wish I could find a copy to buy! Don’t know exactly what it is about it but, when I see it just makes me feel better.

  mylifeonthedidlist wrote @

i was afraid to watch it at first thinking it might be too graphic or a trigger for me, but it was relieving to see something depicted in a way that i can relate (minus the setting). thanks for sharing.

  emilylonelygirl wrote @

I can appreciate some of the triggering movies but only if they really have a strong message to convey. This one is a decent one I have used to show others what it can be like.

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  mo wrote @

I watched this…I can relate except the venue that is…oh boy

  Emily’s Camigwen wrote @

Yeah. Scary but right on. Love it.

  Jackie wrote @

I agree I had concerns about triggers, but as we watched, I cried, others nodding in understanding.

But the volume!! I refer to this state normalcy as “chatter”. A nice way of putting that level of viewpoints don’t you think? Working together has made things better, volume wise… all of the sudden we all decided to get some manners or something. lol.

Miss Manners meets DID….gee what would that be like? What’s her name? Heloise or something? Imagine Miss Manners is invited to your mental family meeting, held in your mind’s favorite hang out room.

There she is, Miss Manners, herself, gracefully enters the room, walks over to the winged back chair, smooths her dress over her bottom, as she sits in her crisp white linen dress, with black patent leather shoes, bag and belt, tightly sinching her very tiny waist (hate her already) and of course matching stiletto shoes ARE magnificent. Crosses her legs, sets her black patent leather purse beside her, begins taking off her kid gloves and opens her frickin’ perfectly lips that are painted in the perfect shade for her skin tone and says ” I’ve been sent to help you improve your relationship with your alters. Would you like that?” And of course everyone inside is voicing their opinions that pretty much amount to: “shut the *%&@ up!” Am I right or am I right? lololol.

🙂 Happy thanksgiving all

  Emily’s Camigwen wrote @

Hi Jackie

I love the Miss Manners – that is kind of what I started with Ms DID…but not quite. I wish it would “catch on” a bit more. But I WILL NOT be wearing patent leather shoes!!! You make me laugh! Obviously I need to take a picture and make my Mis DID a little different – not as EVIL!

But you have a point….What Ms DID would have to say about alters would be applicable to singletons in the real world I think I will have to ponder on that idea….of the parallels between them! Thank you for the idea. 😉

The chatter – as I said, somethings about that video strikes home so much. Of course, it will not be the same for everyone, but the basics are there I think.

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