Comment: “Why I Hate (or ‘Have’ for those prone to Freudian Slips) Therapy” – Sara K. Penrod

Switch offered up a poem by Penrod called Why I Hate Therapy over at Behind the Couch’s place, in a discussion about creativity. Not only does the message feel real, but I like her writing style as well.



  davidrochester wrote @

Is that a typo in your post heading, or a marvelous Freudian slip?

  Jackie wrote @


  emilylonelygirl wrote @

Oh David David!

YES! I just LOVE those Freudian slips! This has to be one of the best I have managed to pull off.

I will correct it *somewhat*.


  Jackie wrote @

Hi kids… been thinking about emotional numbing as those with higher IQ’s than mine call it. I like to use other words instead of numbing. But that’s just me I suppose. Would like to think it’s a common practice in T with others too, as I can not imagine in the 50 minute hour being able to recover from trauma memories without a preview before the discussion.

  emilylonelygirl wrote @

I agree. My T had to leave town for 3 sessions and we had started to talk about some heavy stuff. She asked us to pause that discussion because she didn’t want it only partially addressed before she left. She was right and I knew it. So, the “preview” is there.

I do go numb in certain senses after a session. I have to say the front person feels mostly happy and relieved because it is more evidence for acceptance. But the parts who talk about the problems go numb a little before recovery from the session can start. But, cooperation inside I think helps me/us balance it pretty well mostly.

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