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Therapy: It’s All Part of “The Process”

It’s all “Part of the Process.”

I was completely unfamiliar with that phrase until therapist #1. After 6 months with her, I was thoroughly disgusted with the phrase. Perhaps because no one could define “The Process” in terms I could accept. This magical concept that I, a PhD trained engineer, was apparently completely ill-equipped to deal with.

<And friends and neighbors, let’s throw in the completely obligatory ” fck that” right about HERE.>

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My Job Interviewing Status

Thanks for all your best wishes on my job search.  The economy is just really in the crapper.  I have had several interviews – on the phone and on-site, but each one falls through for some reason – overqualified, the job has been canceled, the job has been postponed due to a change in business direction.

It can be (and often is) very depressing.

But, today I just received offers for two on-site interviews!  Two different companies contacted me within about 2 hours of one another.  Now I feel so happy and relieved.  Relieved not like I am getting the job, but more a sense of validation of my own worth to the working world.

At the level I am looking (technical director), there aren’t too many jobs to begin with, and the economy just makes it worse.

Please please please don’t make me have to ask, “Want fries with that?”

The Flip Side: An Excellent Interview for a New Therapist

After deciding to return to therapy, I interviewed two therapists.  I’ve already reported on the my response to Bizarre Animal Lady in the surreal interview environment and the surreal interview itself.  That “event” was easy to blog about – it was over and gone.

But I’ve delayed writing about the good interview because I didn’t want to jinx the relationship.  But it is far enough along now that I am ready to share.

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Update on Whereabouts and Job Search

Hello everyone – I wanted to say I have been caught up in job stuff. I am looking for a job, I think I mentioned, and have been at it nearly constantly. I know I need to take breaks, but I have been excited about some of the progress and don’t want to lose steam. Since our economy sucks here in the United States, it is especially hard. But I have a few phone interviews coming up, and everyone says that is great.

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