Update on Whereabouts and Job Search

Hello everyone – I wanted to say I have been caught up in job stuff. I am looking for a job, I think I mentioned, and have been at it nearly constantly. I know I need to take breaks, but I have been excited about some of the progress and don’t want to lose steam. Since our economy sucks here in the United States, it is especially hard. But I have a few phone interviews coming up, and everyone says that is great.

I see you posting comments and I promise to get my butt back in gear as soon as I can. You are all such wonderful folks and talking with you and my babbling about our commonalities and the like…It is too good to be gone for long.

Writing and talking with you has helped me learn about and accept myself in ways I never imagined. Thank you all!

I have been with my new therapist for about 3 weeks now, and she is WONDERFUL! I am so happy with her and have already learned more about myself and how to deal with problems. I will write more about her.

You know I wrote about my surreal interview with the “Therapist and the Zoo,” but I didn’t talk about the interview that went terrifically well. I realize now I didn’t want to jinx it by talking about it here. But I will soon. And I will talk about the questions I posted for therapists several months ago, and how she answered them. Validating for me that preparing good and sometimes hard questions is the right approach. You’ll never know the answer to important questions unless you ask. Hoping it will all work out does everyone a disservice, and it delays the real healing.

My absolute best,

Both Cami and Emily



  davidrochester wrote @

I really look forward to hearing how the good interview went, and how she responded to your questions. I know so many people who are with the wrong therapist, and I think your posting about how you found a good fit could be a really meaningful public service.

  hystericalfemale wrote @

I’m so glad you have found a therapist who’s right for you. It’ll be interesting to read about the “good” interview, too.

Good luck with the job hunt!


  castorgirl wrote @

Good luck with the job hunting… you will find something – yes imagine us as a cheer leading squad 🙂

On a totally self-interest level, we’d be interested to hear the questions you asked…

Take care
Sophie 🙂

  englishrain wrote @

GOOD LUCK!! with the job search. I’m on that task as well. I’ll be sending you good vibes! Take care. –english

  davidrochester wrote @

Hello, Emily — Because I’m an obnoxious sort of fellow, I’m dropping in to tell you that your “how I found a good therapist” interview post would be very useful right now to at least two of your regular readers, and I think you should hurry up. (I mean that in the nicest possible way, of course. *kicking you politely in the arse*)

I would write one myself, but I didn’t qualify my therapist in any describable way that would apply to a situation other than mine, whereas I know you did, because you are methodical, highly intelligent, and making massive leaps in the self-advocacy department.

You do more good on this site than perhaps you realize. And for that reason, I am nudging you to do a little more. 🙂

  Echo wrote @

Good therapists are hard to find and worth their weight in gold. I’m glad you’ve found one who is worth while. I hope things continue well.

Also good luck with the job hunt. I’m on one of those myself. I hope you can find something soon!

  Emily’s Camigwen wrote @


You may kick all you want – if I had too thin a skin, I’d never survive writing my own sarcastic-at-times blog!

Yes, that post is partly done. I will work on it tomorrow. I didn’t follow a formula, I would like to say, but it was mainly paying close attention to how that therapist reacted to me, and what she said, how she observed. That was the clencher for me. But I will write more about it.

I told my new therapist about this blog, and she showed interested when I can share it – she understands I can’t at this point. I *know* all of you and have shared a lot, but I don’t know HER as well. She understood that completely. That is cool

My best until tomorrow hopefully!


  David Rochester wrote @

That’s so cool about your therapist. She really does sound like an excellent fit. (I originally typed “git”, but that really isn’t what I meant.)

  lifeischange wrote @

Looking forward to reading more when you are able/ready to write more. Congratulations on finding a good fit! 🙂

  Samantha wrote @

Good luck on getting a job!
Very cool on finding a GOOD fit with a therapist, hard to do so kudos. Sam

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