My Job Interviewing Status

Thanks for all your best wishes on my job search.  The economy is just really in the crapper.  I have had several interviews – on the phone and on-site, but each one falls through for some reason – overqualified, the job has been canceled, the job has been postponed due to a change in business direction.

It can be (and often is) very depressing.

But, today I just received offers for two on-site interviews!  Two different companies contacted me within about 2 hours of one another.  Now I feel so happy and relieved.  Relieved not like I am getting the job, but more a sense of validation of my own worth to the working world.

At the level I am looking (technical director), there aren’t too many jobs to begin with, and the economy just makes it worse.

Please please please don’t make me have to ask, “Want fries with that?”



  Jackie wrote @

So happy for you having, two opportunities. That’s fantastic! With the economic climate, such as it is, and year end, it certainly sounds like your New Year, is looking bright.


  Secret Shadows wrote @

I have had a hard time finding a full time teaching position, and I have been told that my education and level of experience are working against me. I cost too much. See teachers are paid on a scale based on education and experience. With a Masters Degree and 11 years experience I cost a LOT more than a recent graduate with no experience and that is who’s getting all the jobs. It really sux!!! I am actually considering a job change down the road. If I can get the money to do it, I am going to get a degree in Counseling, but I’m also not ready for that yet. Not at this point in my therapy. Still, would take minimum of 2 years for that.

I wish you all the best and will keep my fingers crossed for you. You are right….the economy sucks, and it will suck more before it’s all over with I’m afraid..

Take care,
Secret Shadows

  castorgirl wrote @

Good luck with the interviews…
All the best for the holiday season.
Take care

  Emily’s Camigwen wrote @


Thank you for your best wishes – I haven’t logged in in a while, so I am late on my best wishes. Happy New Year to you and everyone!


  Echo wrote @

That sounds entirely like things that we’re going through too. I get interviews, I don’t, I get emails saying that there is no job after all. It’s very depressing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the new year will bring more opportunities. I hope the same is true for you as well.

  Emily’s Camigwen wrote @

Hi Echo

Fingers crossed all around. I have three possibilities in the first few weeks of January. All through networking, so we shall see. It is more than depressing, it is HORRIBLE! But I am keeping my head up as much as I can, and that has meant a lot of time on the family and Christmas and trying to make others have a wonderful time and me also in the process. It has been both a terrific and a challenging season, and I continue to learn more about myself doing these challenging times.

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