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My 100th Post: Trends of DID and MPD

I tripped across a neat Google tool called “Trends.”  It allows tracking of search phrases over time, and you can compare phrases as well.  Here’s an illustrive example, “Chrstmas.”

Vertical bars are the start of each year.  Kinda neat, eh?  Whaddya see?  Hmmm, massive peaks right around December 25th?


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Happy New Year to my Friends

Hello everyone

I wanted to wish everyone  Happy New Year, and hope that everyone is doing well!

Thank you for your wishes and checking up on me.  I have dropped off for a while.  Not because of you.  You know I have been looking for a job.  There are also other things in my life that are taking over my time.

I did tell you I found a wonderful therapist, so things are going really well on that front, so no need to wonder if I am off jumping off a bridge.  🙂  Overall, I am ok. Actually, doing well based on this economy in the US.

One thing that has helped me in my forced dissociation in all this, is that my therapist has made a good point.  Inside, there is not great dissension.  That by itself makes all of this a little easier.  When we get through all of this, life should return to normal.

Best wishes to everyone,