Happy New Year to my Friends

Hello everyone

I wanted to wish everyone  Happy New Year, and hope that everyone is doing well!

Thank you for your wishes and checking up on me.  I have dropped off for a while.  Not because of you.  You know I have been looking for a job.  There are also other things in my life that are taking over my time.

I did tell you I found a wonderful therapist, so things are going really well on that front, so no need to wonder if I am off jumping off a bridge.  🙂  Overall, I am ok. Actually, doing well based on this economy in the US.

One thing that has helped me in my forced dissociation in all this, is that my therapist has made a good point.  Inside, there is not great dissension.  That by itself makes all of this a little easier.  When we get through all of this, life should return to normal.

Best wishes to everyone,




  davidrochester wrote @

Glad to hear you’re doing OK. 🙂

  Tigerweave/Anna wrote @

Hey there, nice to hear from you!

Love Anna

  Jackie wrote @

Happy New Year!

  Emily’s Camigwen wrote @

Thank you all! I find it interesting now that I understand this whole DID thing a little better, I understand why I drop from things for a while without realizing it.

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