My 100th Post: Trends of DID and MPD

I tripped across a neat Google tool called “Trends.”  It allows tracking of search phrases over time, and you can compare phrases as well.  Here’s an illustrive example, “Chrstmas.”

Vertical bars are the start of each year.  Kinda neat, eh?  Whaddya see?  Hmmm, massive peaks right around December 25th?



Check out a few more in an exploration of our experiences over time.

I used two search phrases: “dissociative identity disorder” and “multiple personality disorder”.  I know, charts shows up tiny here, but click the chart for the source.

Blue – DID, Red – MPD


Two important points.  1) clearly, ‘C’ is the whole Herschel Walker thing (right at the start of 2008).  2) 4 years ago (where the chart starts on the left), MPD was the more common term used.  What I don’t understand is why both trends are decreasing over time.  Decreased interest/belief?

Here’s a neat extention – add “Sybil” to the mix.  The chart is below.

Blue – DID, Red – MPD, Yellow – Sybil


Not all letters are important – B and F are related to releases of the movie.  D is the Herschel Walker thing.  Note, interestingly, the first movie peak was associated with some interest in the diagnosis, while the second release in 2008 generated NO interest in the diagnosis!

The Herschel Walker thing WAS associated with interest in the diagnosis, but (and this could be neat) there was little concurrent interest in Sybil.  Could that mean that real life occurrences are no longer being immediately compared to the stereotype?


Here’s the link to the main Google Trends page:

PS – Go play and put up the links for some neat stuff you find.



  annenco wrote @

Maybe decreased interest or dare I say increased awareness/understanding. Maybe there is more info going around with all the books and movies so it’s not quite the mystery. Seems like people I have told have heard of it and have some idea why it occurs even though they aren’t really educated about it. I don’t know if I made sense of what I’m thinking lol.
Think I’ll go fool around with it! Fun!
Hope all is going well.

  Batesie wrote @

I recently read an analysis of this. There is actually decreased interest. There is significantly less clinical research being published now than there was a decade ago. It’s really quite sad. I hope the situation improves again. It will be my focus once I graduate college. Regardless of the clinical or public interest, there are still a lot of people who need help (me included). Thanks for the stats.


  Jackie wrote @

Play? Did someone say play??????????? Ok !
Interesting information. I may be able to utilize this in many ways. Thanks.

Interesting stuff.

  Secret Shadows wrote @

That is very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

  Emily’s Camigwen wrote @


Thanks for writing – yes, I have noticed that as well in the professional journals. I am not sure what the relationship is with the rise and current status of the False Memory Syndrome folks, but that kind of stuff is interesting.

That is GREAT you are going to focus on this in graduate school – I am VERY happy to hear it! If you want a subject for a study or want to talk or anything, feel free to contact me. I wish I had been more aware of what was happening in me when I was going to enter graduate school. I chose a field based on other criteria not personally relevant to me, and I think studying personal issues can make your work and understanding of your self so much more strong.

So, I guess that is why I do the digging and summarizing now!

Thanks for writing!


  Heta^Raido wrote @

“There is significantly less clinical research being published now than there was a decade ago.”

Personally, this irks me because it smells a whole lot like educated people deciding we’re just a bunch of good ol’ BS. They have come to such a conclusion that they feel is sufficient and final, yet is in no way either of those.

I had another point, too, now where did it go… Right! The decrease of people using MPD and DID as search terms might, if we want to be optimistic, because more people interested in them have somehow become familiar with the term ‘multiplicity’ (or other positive terms). (Although, Google Trend only shows a slightly higher trend for that, and two of its peaks are in no way related to MPD/DID.)

Well, we can always hope. Nice blog you’ve got here!

  Emily’s Camigwen wrote @

Yes, you make good points. I have seen (and accidentally gotten in the middle of) intense heat generated over using the terms DID or MPD interchangeably with the term multiplicity. I prefer not to get involved in that who arena, although I do understand the basic anger. The idea being that multiplicity implies “healthy” separate selves, while MPD/DID has that dreaded “disorder” in the name. Personally, I hate the animosity and time spent on the argument. In a nutshell, for me, I have a disorder in that I have parts that have anger and associated periods of blank memories. I consider that a disorder that I am working to address. HOWEVER, I have a great deal of cooperation and internal communication in other regards, to the point that it is HEALTHY and I don’t want to lose it! I consider that NOT a disorder. It gives me wonderful creativity and the ways to cope with many things life throws at me.

Let them think BS all they want. Most of us are not “florid” … we’re just normal people, perhaps with some “moods” and a little quirky. And honestly, that isn’t very interesting to the researchers, is it?

  behindthecouch wrote @

ooh this could become massively addictive. Mmmm data…


  J wrote @

Interesting. I’m a Brit and there is a much greater increase in awareness of the disorder here in counselling and therapeutic circles than there was even a decade ago, so it’s less novel.

Enjoyed the post on personality types, btw.

  Emily’s Camigwen wrote @

It is interesting the difference in acceptance and therapy in different countries! I believe I alluded to that in a post somewhere but I don’t recall. But it is great to hear of places where treatment is more “accepted” and the stereotypical stigma is much less. Thanks for writing!

  Cat wrote @

My son came home from high school (Jr. year) Health class and informed me they were going to discuss MPD and Self-Injury in depth during the semester. I’m looking forward to seeing how they describe and present it. I told him if he wanted to take me or my video of my interview from TV he could!! Not sure he will though. LOL

But, I would love the opportunity to dispel some myths about MPD/DID that TV shows and books add to societies outlook.

  Emily’s Camigwen wrote @

Hi Cat.

Boy, in my varied states here on my blog lately, I don’t think I responded to this, but I just have to (perhaps, again!). I am just amazed that this will be discussed in Jr high – in a good way! PLEASE come back and tell me here or directly on my email what was discussed! My first thought was – oh please let this not be stereotypes!!! But self-injury – what a hard but valuable topic for junior high. I am out of touch with what is taught lately, so I am very interested. I am so very paranoid about how this is represented – for TV, etc., they obviously have to search for cases that are more “obvious”, but for school, they may have the sense to talk about it from a more “secret” point of view so students can recognize themselves and learn more without being freaked. And also the education for everyone else. What a wonderful thing – please reply!

My best

  moreheads wrote @

How are things? Miss reading you take on the world.


  Emily’s Camigwen wrote @

Hi Ravin

Thanks for checking up on me – several of you have and it makes me feel terrific to know that people are there for me even when I am off trying to take care of other things in my life. I do appreciate it! I will take on the world – not to worry – but just perhaps at a somewhat slower pace!!!!

  moreheads wrote @

Sometimes people fall off the net for good reasons and other not so. I’ve found a nudge can be a nice thing thing to find in the comments. ; )

Glad to hear it’s life keeping you busy! MHs

  Emily’s Camigwen wrote @

MHs – You are so right. Life happens, and those of us dealing with this in various ways at least have some inkling that balance is hard to achieve, and even sometimes even hard to realize!

I have struggled my entire life being compartmentalized for years in one place or the other – to survive – or to succeed. I am so new to allowing myself to see that I am myselves. That is why my writings are in bursts. But understanding is such a relief and a good first step. I will always be here in word or spirit. Thank you for your reply – I keep saying to everyone…just a little note to let someone you know are thinking about them – not just to me – it is so special. Just do it. Thank you for doing so.

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