Another Little Update

Hi folks – a little update.  Thank you all for checking in on me.  Still job search which has become a full time job. And quite frankly, to effectively perform a job search requires some strong dissociation of emotions in the face of the econony and the repeated, “We really like you and feel you would be a significant contributor, but this position has been put on hold for changing business needs.”

“Changing business needs.”

<story of my fcking life right about now>

And so, to avoid as much as possible complete decay into emotional turmoil and paralysis  (which also happens to be a core of my ability for research and self-reflection), I have quite honestly taken charge of this process with the strong backbone of Kate, who is a wonderful dispassionate Type A who can drive this process quite aggressively with the kind of “oh screw you” attitude I need right now.

And in doing so, my open soul to explore myself(ves) and my reactions to all of this is somewhat more reserved and relegated to a diary mostly.

But I do appreciate your thoughts and wanted to post my appreciation here.

My best,

Camigwen, with Emily pushing to make sure you all know how much we care.


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