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Copyright, Licensing, and Usage

Everything on this site protected by a “some rights reserved” copyright. TO USE MY CONTENT, YOU MUST USE THE REFERENCE TEMPLATES BELOW!

The content is free to share – to copy, distribute, and display, the workas long as it is referenced using the formats below, is not used for commercial purposes, and that no derivative works are created. Contact emilylonelygirl (at)

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How to reference this page, posts on this blog, and comments to posts on this blog

Please reference this site using any standard fromat (APA, Bluebook). While disagreement exists, these are some proposed and recognized reference formats for blogs:

Referencing ENTIRE BLOG:

Blog author name or screen name (email address). <Blog name>, posted <date of post>, <insert complete http line here> accessed <date you accessed this page to made the reference>.

Example for this blog:

Emilylonelygirl ( EmilyFirstGirl Blog, [blog], posted August 23, 2008, (accessed August 30 2008).

Referencing a BLOG ENTRY/POST:

Blog author name or screen name (email address). <“Post Title,”> [Blog entry]. posted <date of post>, <Blog name>, <insert complete http line here> (accessed <date you accessed this page to made the reference>.)

Example for this page/post:

Emilylonelygirl ( “Disclaimer and official stuff,” [Blog entry] posted (no date listed). EmilyFirstGirl Blog, (accessed August 30, 2008).

Referencing a POST COMMENT:

<“author of comment”> (commenter email address if possible, or link to comment author’s blog/website if possible). <“Comment Title”> [Blog comment], <date of comment>. <Title of blog entry being commented upon> <name of blog> <date of original post being commented on>, <insert complete http line here> (accessed <date you accessed this page to made the reference to the comment>.)

Example for a comment on this page/post:

“secretshadows” ( “I need to put this sort of thing on my blog” [Blog comment] posted August 14, 2008, “Disclaimer and official stuff,” EmilyFirstGirl Blog, posted (no date listed), (accessed August 30, 2008).



  secretshadows wrote @

I need to put this sort of thing on my blog. Hadn’t thought of that yet, but you are so right. Do you mind if I copy and edit it somewhat on my site for my specific needs?

I was just thinking the other day that a college student could basically write an entire research paper on DID with the stuff I have on my site. Obviously I can’t totally keep them from doing that, but it would be upsetting, and HUGELY upsetting if someone went so far as to publish something based on what I wrote.
~Secret Shadows

  emilylonelygirl wrote @


Feel free to use. I was tempted to add the appropriate reference at the end of each of my blogs, but it was too much trouble!

Not much can be done if someone copies your work outside of the internet. But if you ever want to publish, just keep records of the date of your posts – export your blog often and save, etc. You will have proof of first creation.


  secretshadows wrote @

Thank you!!! 🙂
~Secret Shadows

  johnnamusing wrote @

Thank you so much for adding this. I had concerns about this for my blogs. Do you mind if I also use this as an example to write one for my blogs? Or if there is a site to go to for it can you please let me know.

  emilylonelygirl wrote @

Hi Johnamusing

BTW – I like your username!

You can use this as an example, but I have no idea how well this would protect you regarding copyrights.

And if you use this, you already have the exact reference format up there for this blog entry!

Good luck with your blogs


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