All About Us

This blog was created, spontaneously, by the birthchild, Emily.

Emily has always been very quiet; experiencing rather than influencing. It is amazing at all that she had the impetus to start this blog, but amazingly, she did when everyone else was off distracted in absolute turmoil.

While the blog is hers, as the birth child, it is also all of ours, as we are all parts of Emily.

Who writes here?

While Emily is the one who started this blog to find her voice, we have several other more “vocal” voices. In the beginning, we used one name – Emily. I/we thought words flowing to the page were more important than where they came from.

As we continue in our healing, co-awareness is leading to actual co-consciousness and strength. Emily decided that she doesn’t need to be buoyed up by other voices in this blog and that we should speak as we are.

I/Cami am the main author here and have been mostly since the beginning. I am the clueless front who has denied all this from the beginning, despite all the hard evidence to the contrary. My goal in embracing this blog was to share all my research that I have done since the beginning. Research and commentary on PTSD and DID. What you find here may be relevant for others with PTSD/DID/MPD, etc., but I am not an expert, and don’t claim to be one.

Emily contributes and Kate has also grabbed her own account. There is no internal requirement that anyone do anything – this just grows organically, changing over time to mirror my own journey.


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