About this blog

This blog is a compendium of research and experiences of a woman struggling through the diagnosis and treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Included here how this blog came about, what types of information are included, and the sources of that information.  Also see the FAQ.

This blog is rated PG.  No trigger warnings are used.  Read at your own risk.  Full disclaimer here.

Content and Sources of Information

Information not included here: The internet contains much generic, duplicated and sterile information, I’ve no goal to just regurgitate stuff found elsewhere on the web like diagnostic criteria, symptoms, etc. When relevant, I will provide links I think are good.

Research and Professional Journals: Other great stuff online is embedded in more cryptic journal articles. I’ve had to read, compile, and apply to myself to understanding and relating this information to me and the general reader. At first, I encapsulated my findings in private diaries. After Em created the blog, she gave us permission to use it to share our research for others.

I provide full references whenever possible, preferring journals and more “legitimate” sources.

Forums: I tend to avoid participating in or using information from forums – no offence to those to receive support and companionship there, but I prefer not to blather endlessly on my daily trials without providing some concrete research or information to back up my experiences. Otherwise, I am just another anectodal voice among many.

Other Websites and Blogs: I do reference other good blogs and websites for others doing similar research and posting dissociation and PTSD information I found useful. Again, I tend to avoid “diary” blogs that only focus on day-to-day experiences. Not to slam these blogs – they are great and healing, but tend not to provide the concrete information I crave so I will limit my inclusion of these types of sources.


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