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This page contains a link to all posts on this website. I created this page because there is really no way to view all the post titles in one place, so the older posts get a little lost unless you start clicking on the individual topic areas. These are in reverse chronological order.

Putting Your Doubts on the Other Side of the Street


A Healthy Perspective on Unhappiness

What’s up Girl? Healed a little, eh?

Lessons Learned From My Successful Family Trip

Need your help

Mo’s Question – How to Start the Healing Marathon

Elysium’s Therapy Frustrations Part 1

Healing: It’s not a Sprint, it’s a Marathon. And That’s a Good Thing.

Tragedy, Comedy, Multiplicity, Reality

Teaser for an Upcoming Guest Post by My Husband!

My 100th Post: Trends of DID and MPD

Happy New Year to my Friends

Therapy: It’s All Part of “The Process”

The Flip Side: An Excellent Interview for a New Therapist

Answering the Question: “What is DID?” in 200 Words or Less

Depression – The “Emotional Bending of Female Mind” and other Engrish-ified Knowledges

Those with DID steal money and drive recklessly

Dissociative Identity Disorder vs. Schizophrenia – Why I was tagged with both

Life, one index card at a time – Cute site that describes some little comment on life on an index card every morning.

The proposed new DSM may legitimize Disease Mongering – Short rant about proposed changes to how the DSM is developed and that pharma may have a hand in it.

Part 2: Menagerie Aside, The Surreal Therapy Session Itself -Disccusion of strange therapist consultation gone wrong.

Emily and Cami Share What you Suspected Anyway – A personal note about changing authors on this blog

Part 1: A Surreal Therapy Consultation – Description of the very strange surroundings during a new therapist consultation. Indiana Jones style.

Flame-Quenching “Move Along” Standard Disclaimer – Humorous look at why we need disclaimers, with the actual disclaimer itself.

Nasty Comments about my “Cemented Pearls of Pain” – Discussion (vent-rant?) of a nasty comment left on the blog in response to the Baby-talking and Faking post. People are nuts.

Arise oh Exhalted Alter (I mean, “Coping Mechanism”) – Kate decides to crash the party with her own username, shedding our first therapist’s label of “coping mechanism”.

Whole Life Coaching for Multiples – What a Coach Will Not Expect – Personal musings about how a multiple would answer questions about what she/we want from life.

Comment: “Why I Hate (or ‘Have’ for those prone to Freudian Slips) Therapy” – Sara K. Penrod – good poem about therapy. Not particularly happy, but true.

Survey Results: Do you have a cover diagnosis for your dissociation diagnosis? – A survey I posted about diagnoses and who you tell and why

The Percent Theory of Fragmentation and Integration – Anna’s Experiences – My good friend integrated and shared her experiences right as it happened. Not what you’d read in any book on DID.

Looking for Attention, Baby Talk and Fakers in DID – Very controversial post on who may be faking DID and why, with a focus on baby-talking on forums. Caused much anger and debate on other boards.

“Let’s pretend” – a First Step in “I” becoming “We” – A followup in a conversation about believing all of the dissociation spectrum, with a woman who didn’t quite believe.

Final Call for “Cover Diagnosis” Survey Participation – Requesting final submissions for survey (closed)

Calling All Clients and Therapists – BTC Survey Results Pt 1! – Check out these survey results

Comment: Importance of Physical Environment in Therapy

Believing the first 4/6 of the Dissociative Spectrum, but not the rest – Personal musings on a post from a woman who can’t get her arms around DID. This launched a great discussion and more posts between those with DID and those without. Good stuff – read it you don’t quite believe.

And now a break from your regularly scheduled integration – Boy, need a job and need to pull out those coping mechanisms to focus completely. Dissociation is a good thing, too.

Review: “Duality” by Dannie Abse – One of my favorite poems I identified with way before I was diagnosied. I read it as someone lamenting the confusion of DID.

Chasing those who infringe on your copyrighted blog material [updated] – Steal my stuff I’ll close you down. Here’s how.

Review: INSiDE short film – A great short film on DID. Illustrates how confusing the voices can get on a bad day. For me, this is not far off.

Forums, Blogs, and Internet Libel – I was trashed on a private DID forum and banned. In my exploration to restore my name, I researched defamation on the internet and how to address it. Here’s what you need to know.

Review: Yes “The Ancients” and the Selves Who Wait for Me – Personal musings on music and a short film that speaks to Emily and I.

Review: The Willard Suitcase Exhibit Online – Incredible book that explores how those of us with even minor mental health issues were committed for decades of their lives. Touching and compelling.

Review: “Expressions of DID” – (Wo)Men Speak Out

New Guest Book and Blog Sharing Page! – Share a little about yourself if you’d like!

Meet Emily: the harassing, attention-seeking manipulative stalker and computer-crasher – A wonderful vent-rant about an unstable moderator/owner to defamed me in a private forum. Without the opportunity to defend myself, I respond to her allegations here. Fun stuff.

Survey: Do you have a Cover Diagnosis for your Dissociation Diagnosis? – Request for info (Survey closed)

Dear Ms. DID: Is someone with DID psychotic, a neurotic, or just mentally unfit? – vent-rant about individuals from HR who struggle with employees who may have “split personalities.” Humorous and inflaming.

Does integration mean compromising on ice cream? – Personal musing about strange things that show up in the grocery cart.

Terms people used to find my blog – musing about how people get to my blog. Interesting and also sad.

We’ll be back after a short break and a word from our sponsor – Vacation

Problems that arise treating a DID patient without the skills to do so – Cent-rant about previous therapist who refused to admit she was lost in treating me.

Lamictal screws up handwriting and typing? – Why can’t I type or write? It’s the drug, silly!

Therapist consultation for dissociative identity disorder – Exploring if my expectations for a therapist are unreasonable. Turns out, nope.

HALT – one method to break the cycle of anger and rage – How to control the anger out of control.

Making depression a habit – breaking the downward spiral -personal musings about myself.

Milestones in treatment for trauma: everyone is a fingerprint – The engineer want’s a project plan for healing, and finally identifies real progress milestones we made that the therapist couldn’t.

Myers Briggs and Keirsey Personality Tests in Dissociative Identity Disorder – Now I understand why the rest results are so screwed up! DID in personality tests.

Lessons learned in a therapuetic relationship gone wrong

Review: Coming Out Multiple – King – Excellent vingette about multiplicity to share with friends and family.

Lamictal – a drug for DID? – Apparently no drug works for DID. But here’s one that might. An exploration of the pharmacology.

MyBlogLog Verification

Comment: A world dipped in fear – comment on a post by Catatonic Kid about how PTSD feels.

De-escalating angry or protective alters – use of code words or magic phrases in DID – When triggers happen, there are different ways to help the adult and child – magic words, internal soothing, time outs. Targeted at therapists, but also for clients active in their own therapy.

The ability to trust with DID in therapy and in real life – discussion of barriers and facilitators, and how amnesia makes it harder.

Changing therapists – my therapist responds – Part 2 in my personal story in the decision to change therapists – what milestones have we achieved? What impediments are there left?

Changing therapists – what to consider – nice list of items to consider, including what therapy is, everyone’s responsibility in therapy, what to expect, etc.

Thoughts on Integration – What does integration feel like? – Discussion about the feelings and possible needs of integration.

Why do we often get worse after starting therapy? – short post on taking out the mess before being able to understand it and organize it better.

Review: “What is Dissociative Identity Disorder / Multiple Personality Disorder” from Empty Memories

Switching in DID

Comment: Emotional Flashbacks

Dear Ms. DID: Regarding a dissociative episode and diagnoses vs Biopolar III and PTSD

When therapy becomes useless

What’s going on in the brain with DID? Biological markers in DID

The normal world I need in my universe

Review: “What Recovery is Not” – Tollefson

Dear Ms. DID: Regarding your Altercide – Suicide Post

Should I tell my spouse I have DID?

My concluding thoughts on in-patient for DID and PTSD

A few more in-patient programs for trauma and PTSD

Dear Ms. DID: I still don’t understand about the cutting

Happy Birthday

In-patient treatment for trauma based disorders

My Thoughts on Iatrogenic DID and False Memory “Syndrome”

Will I always be defined by my coping mechanisms?

Review: Interview with Valerie Wolf – “Dissociation is the most creative coping skill that I have ever seen”

When words are shape and color – language of another alter

Alas Babylon – the “Other” language of suicide

Dear Ms. DID: Does Altercide, suicide of an alter, kill the entire system?

Hi. My name is Coping Mechanism.

Birthchilds and Hosts and Presenting Personalities, Oh My!

Those silly little confirmations you are a multiple

Hypnagogia, co-consciousness, and the duality of multiples

Review: “At Hell’s Gate: A Soldier’s Journey from War to Peace” by Claude Anshin Thomas

Dreaming in DID©: Using DID to accept your self-worth

Mass with no name for one with many

Dark humor, DID, and my new big brother

Review: “Multiplicity, Abuse and Healing Website”

Crazy Lady in Aisle 9

Dark Humor: Medication that works well for “Many People”

Art Therapy: Jung, Mandalas and Scribbler

Review: “Dissociative Identity Disorder” Video by sk89q

Accepting a Diagnosis of DID

Why I started this weblog



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