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Therapy: It’s All Part of “The Process”

It’s all “Part of the Process.”

I was completely unfamiliar with that phrase until therapist #1. After 6 months with her, I was thoroughly disgusted with the phrase. Perhaps because no one could define “The Process” in terms I could accept. This magical concept that I, a PhD trained engineer, was apparently completely ill-equipped to deal with.

<And friends and neighbors, let’s throw in the completely obligatory ” fck that” right about HERE.>

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Those with DID steal money and drive recklessly

Sweeeet, another article online with some interesting misconceptions about DID. Okay folks, ready for this one? We are characterized by “stealing money, or driving recklessly, or abusing some other person.”

Excelllllent. Shall we have another go at it?

I’m not even bothering with the flame-proof suit. My inferno will trump your inferno, oh wee little Clueless Ones.

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Emily and Cami Share What you Suspected Anyway

Lately there have been interesting changes inside that have sparked endless private journal entries.  i think all of this has been on the edge of happening, in limbo.  Getting a new therapist who is very good has allowed progress to resume. I’ll just offer a part of that to clarify things for you.  Emily says, “Cami, I say you can tell them you have been writing most of this with me in the background.”

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Flame-Quenching “Move Along” Standard Disclaimer

In light of recent events, we had a delightful time creating a Standard Disclaimer for this blog. It applies to EVERY SINGLE LITTLE WORD OR PICTURE. I publicly present it here for your information and amusement, and it also appears as it’s own page. Contents under pressure. If any defects are discovered, do not attempt to fix them yourself, but return to an authorized service center.

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Nasty Comments about my “Cemented Pearls of Pain”

“This blog is creepy, beyond creepy. I feel like I just crawled out of a shit ridden toilet filled with your cemented pearls of pain.”

A recent reader offered this wonderfully constructed sentence embodying a cornucopia of foul emotions all at once. It’s actually really good stuff. Except for the fact that the toilet she crawled out of appears to be one of her own making.

<Perhaps we should give Stephen King a call -“A strangled flush in the night gave way to the wafting malodorous hint that the Blog That Shat Pearls of Pain was to “[reep] havoc … stalking a family member …”>

But I digest.

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Arise oh Exhalted Alter (I mean, “Coping Mechanism”)

May we have your attention please!

Ahem. And it is so proclaimed from the top of Emily’s spooky trees to the lowest of the filthy gutter I arose from (oh wait, that’s tomorrow’s post) that a new Topic Area category shall be created. In honor of yours truly, said Topic Area shall be known as the “Goddess of Brilliance and Wonder.

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Whole Life Coaching for Multiples – What a Coach Will Not Expect

I am between jobs, which is a polite way of saying that my last company screwed me over by proposing an unexpectedly ridiculous contract that I was being pressured to accept within three days. <I’ll bend over on my own terms when it suits my ulterior motives. These were no longer My Terms. Thus, I was instantly somewhat less motivated to maintain the position.>

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