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The Percent Theory of Fragmentation and Integration – Anna’s Experiences

Last week my good friend Anna sent me a fantastic email – “Omigod my life has changed… three and a half weeks ago I just kinda… integrated. Spontaneously, and it held!”
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Calling All Clients and Therapists – BTC Survey Results Pt 1!

I have read several surveys that have enlightened me, made me laugh, given me pause, and comforted me that we all share so many common elements in our quest for wellness.

Our experiences with therapists or counselors has been a big source of conversation lately.

Behind the Couch took a survey about this. She hopes that “other clients ….will appreciate reading about [our] experiences

She also hopes that “therapists will read this and take something … they can use to better meet their clients’ needs.

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Comment: Importance of Physical Environment in Therapy

I read a post called The importance of the physical environment to client comfort by Behind the Couch. She reflects on the oft-stated “requirement” that physical comfort and safety are a first priority in therapy. Considering therapy within the realm of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we strive to make our homes safe and comfortable. “So,” she asks, “why should this be any different in the therapist’s room?”

Her post and the many great responses made me consider the unconscious discomfort I felt as well – one unusual item in particular.

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Review: “Duality” by Dannie Abse

Shortly after I was attacked at 16, I read a poem in a high school creative writing class by Dannie Abse called “Duality.” Instantly I knew the poem was about me. I had no idea at the time I would end up with a diagnosis of DID, but since then, I’ve wondered if he’s got a touch of the dissociation as well.

Twice upon a time,
there was a man who had two faces.
two faces but one profile …
At signposts, he must wear the both.

Dannie Abse

Dannie Abse

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Review: INSiDE short film

YouTube has a fascinating movie called “INSiDE” that was recommended on Secret Shadow’s blog.

It is about 5 minutes long, and it is a representation of MPD/DID. I hesitate to even write anything here because it rather speaks for itself. But the ending – excellent. You gotta see it.

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Review: Yes “The Ancients” and the Selves Who Wait for Me

I wrote an essay on switching last year. It ended with the realization that, as always, I/Cami am the last to know anything. That my inability to make a decision is based on more than my thoughts. That *I* was the last to know that I am not alone in here.

Then I heard my life in song and saw it in video.

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Review: The Willard Suitcase Exhibit Online

I tripped across a site called “The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic.”

The Willard Psychiatric Center closed in 1995 after 127 years of operation. When staff members tried to preserve historic artifacts, they tripped upon a hidden door that contained nearly 400 suitcases of institutionalized patients who had died in the center, never able to reclaim their belongings and return home. Whose families were never found. In this online exhibit, the history and also the contents of 9 suitcases are displayed and the individuals honored.

I cried.

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