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My 100th Post: Trends of DID and MPD

I tripped across a neat Google tool called “Trends.”  It allows tracking of search phrases over time, and you can compare phrases as well.  Here’s an illustrive example, “Chrstmas.”

Vertical bars are the start of each year.  Kinda neat, eh?  Whaddya see?  Hmmm, massive peaks right around December 25th?


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Answering the Question: “What is DID?” in 200 Words or Less

Stereotypes of DID abound on the internet. Most copy info from the DSM 300.14, mention the stereotypical movies, and then make some sort of comment, assumption, or question that shows they tried to understand a little, but not enough.

I read about a woman with a bipolar child, IRCC. When “concerned people” make comments about her parenting, she hands them a card that answers basic questions. What is bipolar. How yelling at the child is the wrong thing. Explaining that her reaction to the child’s behavior is appropriate in this situation.

Can we do the same for DID?

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Survey Results: Do you have a cover diagnosis for your dissociation diagnosis?

Thanks for everyone who responded to my survey, and my apologies for the lateness in presenting the results. You are a group of sincere and honest folks who tend to caution, with a desire to be understood rather than be stereotyped. You want to share but are somewhat afraid of some negative action/attitude against you. And you all articulate your thoughts very well – clearly a high functioning group. Read the rest of this entry »

Final Call for “Cover Diagnosis” Survey Participation

Hi – This is a final call for inputs for the survey I posted a while back – please consider responding before Sunday so I can compile results.

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Calling All Clients and Therapists – BTC Survey Results Pt 1!

I have read several surveys that have enlightened me, made me laugh, given me pause, and comforted me that we all share so many common elements in our quest for wellness.

Our experiences with therapists or counselors has been a big source of conversation lately.

Behind the Couch took a survey about this. She hopes that “other clients ….will appreciate reading about [our] experiences

She also hopes that “therapists will read this and take something … they can use to better meet their clients’ needs.

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