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Depression – The “Emotional Bending of Female Mind” and other Engrish-ified Knowledges

After finding that in addition to my psychosis, my accidental pissing off of god, and my reckless driverishness, my failings as a useful reference of medical information don’t stop there. Meandering around the Herbal Remedy site, I found a cornucopia of amazing information.

To more properly edify you on the horrible opine of health problems of insanely attitude, I have providing mostly here.

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Those with DID steal money and drive recklessly

Sweeeet, another article online with some interesting misconceptions about DID. Okay folks, ready for this one? We are characterized by “stealing money, or driving recklessly, or abusing some other person.”

Excelllllent. Shall we have another go at it?

I’m not even bothering with the flame-proof suit. My inferno will trump your inferno, oh wee little Clueless Ones.

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The proposed new DSM may legitimize Disease Mongering

I tripped across an opinion in the LA Times: Wrangling over psychiatry’s bible.  There is debate if the new DSM will be developed in secret, although they acknowledge that past debates were chaotic and not well founded on science.  Pharma would like to participate – brand new disorders mean brand new drugs that will be shoved down the throats of not only sheep (I mean patients) but insurance companies.

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Nasty Comments about my “Cemented Pearls of Pain”

“This blog is creepy, beyond creepy. I feel like I just crawled out of a shit ridden toilet filled with your cemented pearls of pain.”

A recent reader offered this wonderfully constructed sentence embodying a cornucopia of foul emotions all at once. It’s actually really good stuff. Except for the fact that the toilet she crawled out of appears to be one of her own making.

<Perhaps we should give Stephen King a call -“A strangled flush in the night gave way to the wafting malodorous hint that the Blog That Shat Pearls of Pain was to “[reep] havoc … stalking a family member …”>

But I digest.

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Looking for Attention, Baby Talk and Fakers in DID

HF mentioned Fakes and Baby Talk in How does “I” become “We”? I also have a hard time with this. As someone with DID, I realize that makes me a pretty big target for flames.

Hold on while I put on my flame proof suit.

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Chasing those who infringe on your copyrighted blog material [updated]

A few of us have had blog posts stolen, in whole or in part. So far, I have had one person’s blog shut down, and have recently filed a complaint against another. Here’s how I did it. [8/25/08 Ed. note: The second blog has been shut down!]

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Forums, Blogs, and Internet Libel

Recently, I formally requested that a forum owner remove libelous statements about me from her website. Some statements were particularly damaging – I was reeking havoc on a website, I was stalking someone’s family member, I was hacking and crashing her computer. Among other things.

The first step in pursuing legal action is to request in writing that the individual remove the libelous material. This I did.

As a result of my request, she banned my IP address, and I am unable to see if she complied by removing the libelous material. She has not contacted me via email. As the damaging information may still be on her site, I have no choice but to rebut her accusations here.

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