Ravin wrote @

Your writing and views make me think again. The laugh factor is appreciated. Thanks for the share.

  emilylonelygirl wrote @

Raven – I am happy that you are laughing here – that is so important for all of us. To just laugh and remove the stress whenever we ca.

  windomcat wrote @

Emily et. al – I am so glad that I stubbled across your blog! I have DID and have never felt like I belonged or was understood by anyone. Most of your writings feel like they could have been said by me. I have so much identification with most of what you are saying. It’s AMAZING! You are an extremely intellegent and thoughtful (and thought-provoking) individual(s). The hope that your writings have instilled in me cannot be properly verbalized. I am voraciously reading everything that I can that you have written about. The thouroughness that you give to your posts is phenominal. I myself love researching and learning about, well pretty much everything, and to know that there is someone out there who I can completely identify with just blows my mind. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  Emily’s Camigwen wrote @


Thanks for your feedback – I am glad that what I am writing is helpful to anyone else! Yeah, I was pretty confused in the beginning, but just in my own research and in reading other blogs, I am much more confident to post what I feel, since people tell me it resonates. That make me feel terrific! If you stumble across any other good stuff in your research, please let me know! I appreciate your kind words.


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