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Review: Interview with Valerie Wolf – “Dissociation is the most creative coping skill that I have ever seen”

Wayne Morris (interviewer): This whole process of dissociation seems to be more of a defense mechanism to trauma, than a so-called disorder …

Valerie Wolf: Absolutely. It is the most creative coping skill that I have ever seen. It is unbelievable how well it functions for people.

I just read this incredible interview with Valerie Wolf, a social worker and therapist who treats survivors of severe trauma and mind control. She has done groundbreaking work at the forefront of trauma research for perhaps 30 years. Her work has generally been years ahead of what eventually became “current convention”.

I simply do not have the energy to give this interview the full review it deserves, but I wanted to pull out some very specific terrific points, and then direct you to the transcript of the entire interview.

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