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When words are shape and color – language of another alter

When Emily started this blog, I was skeptical. You’ll never maintain it, I alleged. What are you going to say, anyway?

For hours she deliberated design layouts, colors, pictures.

Are you ever going to write something? I asked her. A blog is supposed to be words. You’re supposed to write stuff.

<Leave me alone.> With her back to me, she methodically reviewed picture after picture we had taken in the park. She wanted a design layout that allowed a custom header. The blog had to be hers. Personalized. Fjords, to Tarski, and back to Fjords again.

Something strongly appealed about the layout, cleanly divided into four parts; the continuous picture interrupted.

Like we are.

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Art Therapy: Jung, Mandalas and Scribbler

Art has played a tremendous role in my life. On one end of the spectrum, I have always doodled. Still do on the corner of most papers. On the other end, I like to capture images that calm me…usually in pencil but sometimes in watercolor. Scenes of naked winter trees, cats. Geometric shapes and three-dimensional objects in 2D.

Art requires no words. It allows the parts of me who don’t speak a voice.

A dear friend of mine shared some thoughts on Carl Jung and the topic of archetypes and mandalas. Archetypes – those ancient images that are supposedly passed down from generation to generation as a part of our collective conscious. Aspects, or as he described them, “deposits” in the psyche. Common to all of us.

While this dear friend knew I had DID, we had no idea our conversation would, as the mandala rotates, come around full circle.

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