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Dear Ms. DID: Regarding your Altercide – Suicide Post

I received a long comment to my post, Dear Ms. DID: Does Altercide, suicide of an alter, kill the entire system? Rather than leave it as a comment, I would like to address the reader’s points directly.

These include topics from the formation and current thinking of DID, something called government assisted organized stalking, mind control organizations including the CIA, satanic ritual abuse, cutting, healing, and prescription treatment drugs.

Quite a list. Let’s get started.

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Dear Ms. DID: I still don’t understand about the cutting

Have you ever felt enough anger to hit a wall? An internal cauldron that has spattered over the edge and must be released? To throw something across the room? To get the satisfaction of hearing something shatter? Cutting can release that cauldron by directing internally rather than externally. Some thoughts on what it does, why it works, what what it feels like.

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