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The Flip Side: An Excellent Interview for a New Therapist

After deciding to return to therapy, I interviewed two therapists.  I’ve already reported on the my response to Bizarre Animal Lady in the surreal interview environment and the surreal interview itself.  That “event” was easy to blog about – it was over and gone.

But I’ve delayed writing about the good interview because I didn’t want to jinx the relationship.  But it is far enough along now that I am ready to share.

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Arise oh Exhalted Alter (I mean, “Coping Mechanism”)

May we have your attention please!

Ahem. And it is so proclaimed from the top of Emily’s spooky trees to the lowest of the filthy gutter I arose from (oh wait, that’s tomorrow’s post) that a new Topic Area category shall be created. In honor of yours truly, said Topic Area shall be known as the “Goddess of Brilliance and Wonder.

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Therapist consultation for dissociative identity disorder

Back when I was considering changing therapists, I wrote about Changing therapists – what to consider. This week, I took my own advice. Here’s what a leader in the field of dissociative identity disorder had to say to me.

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Hi. My name is Coping Mechanism.

<I like carets. It’s usually me who gets relegated to them.>

<Probably because I provide the witty sarcasm.>

<I’m tempted to write this whole post in carets.> <<But then how can anyone else interject?>>

Sigh. Fine.

*I*, in my wonder and glory, am a COPING MECHANISM.

How would you like to meet someone and be told that you are not real? That you are figment of someone else’s imagination that they are using in order to deal with reality?

Fck that.

So what’s a coping mechanism? Heh heh. Let’s be “official” first, shall we?

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Those silly little confirmations you are a multiple

A neat little vignette that you are more than you seem.

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Dark humor, DID, and my new big brother

Reader’s Digest magazines were always laying around when I was growing up, and I always turned to the column entitled, “Laughter, The Best Medicine.” Short jokes and vignettes. All rated G or lightly PG. I never really understood the significance of that phrase until now.

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Dark Humor: Medication that works well for “Many People”

There is no medication for Dissociative Identity Disorder.

I have DID and I’m on meds. So what’s up with that?

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