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Review: Yes “The Ancients” and the Selves Who Wait for Me

I wrote an essay on switching last year. It ended with the realization that, as always, I/Cami am the last to know anything. That my inability to make a decision is based on more than my thoughts. That *I* was the last to know that I am not alone in here.

Then I heard my life in song and saw it in video.

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Changing therapists – what to consider

I am evaluating if I should change therapists. The information gatherer in me wants some concrete advice to make the decision. Part of me wants to stay, and another part wants just as strongly to go.

Changing therapists is a difficult decision for anyone. But it becomes even more challenging if you are a multiple.

This article is about my research in order to make this decision. That maybe will help you with the decision as well.

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Hypnagogia, co-consciousness, and the duality of multiples

A strange experience last night launched this morning’s digging for information. I awoke disjointed and wondering, whose nightmare had I been having. It was clearly not my own.

Shortly after I went to sleep, the feelings started. Instead of my normally detailed narrative dreams, what I experienced had a content I couldn’t quite reach. As if I was experiencing the body thrashings of someone else’s nightmares.

My research took me from hypnagogia, to theta waves, amnesic memories, co-consciousness, and amazingly, back around to the multiplicity of unity that is Jung.

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Dreaming in DID©: Using DID to accept your self-worth

Comforting to me is this idea that DID is a natural response to unnatural events. A creative defense response. Not a bizarre aberration in my head suggesting some underlying psychosis.

I’ve read that one goal of therapy is reintegration of the individual selves who have been split off.

There are debates about whether integration is truly necessary or desirable (or even controllable). I’lI withhold my opinion because I am simply not far enough along in the process to make an intelligent decision.

Or, perhaps, I cannot yet reach a quorum. <smile>

But I just learned something. With growing awareness of the splits inside me comes the possibility that separation of selves can help in the healing process. Interactions among selves facilitate knowledge and recovery.

Let me tell you about a dream I had last night.

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