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The proposed new DSM may legitimize Disease Mongering

I tripped across an opinion in the LA Times: Wrangling over psychiatry’s bible.  There is debate if the new DSM will be developed in secret, although they acknowledge that past debates were chaotic and not well founded on science.  Pharma would like to participate – brand new disorders mean brand new drugs that will be shoved down the throats of not only sheep (I mean patients) but insurance companies.

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Dear Ms. DID: Is someone with DID psychotic, a neurotic, or just mentally unfit?

Oh, don’t get me started.

While searching on what integration must feel like, I tripped across a forum for HR (human resources) professionals. A few individuals argued with much authority that DID/MPD is a psychosis, or a neurosis, or a mental disorder, (or get this) “a ‘temporary disfavor’ of God.”

They state that this condition causes an individual “to be mentally unfit.” The information in the thread was praised as useful guidance for other HR professionals to take back to their companies. Ohhhhh was I pissed off. So let’s talk, shall we?

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My Thoughts on Iatrogenic DID and False Memory “Syndrome”

Some folks don’t believe in DID. Some folks believe it can be real, but it is caused by therapy itself (iatrogenic, meaning induced by the physician. ) Some folks think that therapists can make you believe that all your problems are caused by repressed memories of trauma. That your emotions are really alternate personalities. That all memories must come out. Now. That each alter needs to be actively engaged. That patients who show little to no evidence of DID before therapy become florid, more depressed, and entrenched in the healthcare system until their coverage runs out.

I believe most of this is horseshit.

There are a lot of bad eggs out there. In every profession, there are scumbags. Who was it who said,

“What do you call someone who graduated medical school with a ‘D’ average?”


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Birthchilds and Hosts and Presenting Personalities, Oh My!

I spoke in an earlier post about how the diagnosis of DID can be a crisis in an of itself. Crisis #2 may come from another aspect of the Stabilization phase: mappping the dissociative personality system … accepting each alter as a part of the internal system. [1]

This post discusses the different selves and my experience realizing that *I* and not the birth child. !?!

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