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Myers Briggs and Keirsey Personality Tests in Dissociative Identity Disorder

Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Keirsey Temperaments are two different personality questionnaires to help people understand themselves and to assess psychological differences. I had struggled taking the Myers Briggs before my diagnosis (“This test sucks – I feel two ways about MOST of these questions!”). After my DX, I wondered if different personalities in DID have different types, so I decided to test it out. Survey says, Yup!

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Thoughts on Integration – What does integration feel like?

Discussion of metaphors for integration that may help those without DID understand that most of us are not discretely different “people” and that integration is a process and not an event. Through “post traumatic growth,” which includes awareness and cooperation of the parts, individuals can become stronger

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Hypnagogia, co-consciousness, and the duality of multiples

A strange experience last night launched this morning’s digging for information. I awoke disjointed and wondering, whose nightmare had I been having. It was clearly not my own.

Shortly after I went to sleep, the feelings started. Instead of my normally detailed narrative dreams, what I experienced had a content I couldn’t quite reach. As if I was experiencing the body thrashings of someone else’s nightmares.

My research took me from hypnagogia, to theta waves, amnesic memories, co-consciousness, and amazingly, back around to the multiplicity of unity that is Jung.

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Art Therapy: Jung, Mandalas and Scribbler

Art has played a tremendous role in my life. On one end of the spectrum, I have always doodled. Still do on the corner of most papers. On the other end, I like to capture images that calm me…usually in pencil but sometimes in watercolor. Scenes of naked winter trees, cats. Geometric shapes and three-dimensional objects in 2D.

Art requires no words. It allows the parts of me who don’t speak a voice.

A dear friend of mine shared some thoughts on Carl Jung and the topic of archetypes and mandalas. Archetypes – those ancient images that are supposedly passed down from generation to generation as a part of our collective conscious. Aspects, or as he described them, “deposits” in the psyche. Common to all of us.

While this dear friend knew I had DID, we had no idea our conversation would, as the mandala rotates, come around full circle.

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