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We’ll be back after a short break and a word from our sponsor

My husband and I with many of our friends are traveling afar for a two-week nature/eco-type vacation. It’s the first time I have looked forward to vacation in years. Why the heck has this been such a problem for me?

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Lamictal screws up handwriting and typing?

So I went to the meds doc yesterday and rattled off a list of side effects – balance, coordination, nausea, pimples all over my head. “I have no problem about these, after the problems with Lexapro,” I told him. Then I flippantly tossed out another “side effect” almost as a joke – difficulty typing and writing longhand. But he countered, “No, others have reported that too.”

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Lamictal – a drug for DID?

“Although there are no medications that specifically treat dissociative identity disorder, [some drugs] may be prescribed to help control the …symptoms associated with it.” [Stephens]

Oh yeah? Check out Lamictal.

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When therapy becomes useless

Okay, so after months and months, I found the rage. That I have been encouraged to get in touch with for nearly a year. Now how the hell do I deal with it when the only solution offered is just to “keep coming to therapy?

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The normal world I need in my universe

“Everything is not about you.” “You do not see my point of view.” “This is not a one-way street. Be more flexible.”

With DID and PTSD, dissociation can disconnect you from the “real world.”  You may be less aware of your effect on people, unable to put yourselves in their shoes.  And they unable to put themselves in yours.  During your “better” moments, some communication and ground rules may help your relationships with others survive your recovery.

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Dear Ms. DID: Regarding your Altercide – Suicide Post

I received a long comment to my post, Dear Ms. DID: Does Altercide, suicide of an alter, kill the entire system? Rather than leave it as a comment, I would like to address the reader’s points directly.

These include topics from the formation and current thinking of DID, something called government assisted organized stalking, mind control organizations including the CIA, satanic ritual abuse, cutting, healing, and prescription treatment drugs.

Quite a list. Let’s get started.

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Dark Humor: Medication that works well for “Many People”

There is no medication for Dissociative Identity Disorder.

I have DID and I’m on meds. So what’s up with that?

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