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Meet Emily: the harassing, attention-seeking manipulative stalker and computer-crasher

So I participated in a forum for the first time. I asked (nicely) about a strongly held belief on the owner/moderator’s website about DID (that it’s a psychosis). Didn’t make sense to me. After an escalated discussion, I was trashed by the moderator for my “harassing attention-seeking, manipulative behavior.”

Then to prove her point, she edited my posts to her liking in order to remove her inconsistent statements and my questions that she refused to answer. After she locked me out of the forum. <laughing>

Don’t worry – I will not do the same to her. I will keep her anonymous.

But, appears to be a dictatorship. Rewriting history for your own needs. Jr. High School drama, eh? Let’s take a look at how moderators can hurt their own readers, as well as their own reputations. And for this woman, perhaps even her own patients.

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