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What’s up Girl? Healed a little, eh?

My writing has become sporadic. My LIFE is more chaotic. But for (ultimately) a good reason – I’ve gotten a job.

So why do I feel more unstable than ever?

This post does have a point – a snapshot of growth through the hardest external challenges my husband and I have ever faced.

<Yeah yeah, more of that “what doesn’t kill you” crap.>

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Tragedy, Comedy, Multiplicity, Reality

I searched for quotes on humor as intellectual perspective and found the following:

The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.
– Horace Walpole

To wit,

And for those who “those” include these among many, the world is both a whirling cacophony of enmeshing realities and the absence of connected existence.
– Camigwen

Emily and Cami Share What you Suspected Anyway

Lately there have been interesting changes inside that have sparked endless private journal entries.  i think all of this has been on the edge of happening, in limbo.  Getting a new therapist who is very good has allowed progress to resume. I’ll just offer a part of that to clarify things for you.  Emily says, “Cami, I say you can tell them you have been writing most of this with me in the background.”

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Arise oh Exhalted Alter (I mean, “Coping Mechanism”)

May we have your attention please!

Ahem. And it is so proclaimed from the top of Emily’s spooky trees to the lowest of the filthy gutter I arose from (oh wait, that’s tomorrow’s post) that a new Topic Area category shall be created. In honor of yours truly, said Topic Area shall be known as the “Goddess of Brilliance and Wonder.

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Forums, Blogs, and Internet Libel

Recently, I formally requested that a forum owner remove libelous statements about me from her website. Some statements were particularly damaging – I was reeking havoc on a website, I was stalking someone’s family member, I was hacking and crashing her computer. Among other things.

The first step in pursuing legal action is to request in writing that the individual remove the libelous material. This I did.

As a result of my request, she banned my IP address, and I am unable to see if she complied by removing the libelous material. She has not contacted me via email. As the damaging information may still be on her site, I have no choice but to rebut her accusations here.

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Myers Briggs and Keirsey Personality Tests in Dissociative Identity Disorder

Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Keirsey Temperaments are two different personality questionnaires to help people understand themselves and to assess psychological differences. I had struggled taking the Myers Briggs before my diagnosis (“This test sucks – I feel two ways about MOST of these questions!”). After my DX, I wondered if different personalities in DID have different types, so I decided to test it out. Survey says, Yup!

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Review: Coming Out Multiple – King

When I was first coming to terms with this whole DID thing and was paranoid to mention it to anyone, I tripped across a funny article by Bob King called Coming Out Multiple. It was one of the first things I showed a few people close to me to introduce the topic with humor.

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