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Survey Results: Do you have a cover diagnosis for your dissociation diagnosis?

Thanks for everyone who responded to my survey, and my apologies for the lateness in presenting the results. You are a group of sincere and honest folks who tend to caution, with a desire to be understood rather than be stereotyped. You want to share but are somewhat afraid of some negative action/attitude against you. And you all articulate your thoughts very well – clearly a high functioning group. Read the rest of this entry »


“Let’s pretend” – a First Step in “I” becoming “We”

HF and I started a conversation with a few posts, and we agreed to continue the point/counterpoint discussion. I think it’s cool to talk about severe dissociation with someone who doesn’t believe in it, but who is willing to give it a good think, so to speak.

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Final Call for “Cover Diagnosis” Survey Participation

Hi – This is a final call for inputs for the survey I posted a while back – please consider responding before Sunday so I can compile results.

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Believing the first 4/6 of the Dissociative Spectrum, but not the rest

Does DID/MPD exist as a clinical condition, or is DID/MPD “just an extreme example of what we all do every day.”?

Is this an “either/or” question or do these really say the same thing?

These thoughts and words come from a post that Annenco sent me – a post from someone who attempts to explore and resolve the concept of DID/MPD in 400 words or less. Hers is a kinder, gentler stereotype – tempering the concept into something everyone can more easily reject.

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Survey: Do you have a Cover Diagnosis for your Dissociation Diagnosis?

This survey is a follow-on to the previous post, What is your “cover diagnosis” for dissociative identity disorder? where I discuss possible discrimination based on diagnoses. Do you reveal one or more diagnoses to friends and family? This isn’t purely an “interesting” question, but one also driven by finances. I am now struggling with the idea of making claims to my medical insurance company (provided by my employer) for DID.

Am I paranoid to avoid doing this? I value your opinions. I hope you will participate in this short survey, and I will post the results on this website.

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What is your “cover diagnosis” for dissociative identity disorder?

If my employer knew I had a primary diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder (DID), I would probably not be fired, but I would role in the company be changed? But how could they find out? Well, since I am not made of money, my employer pays for my therapy. But nothing is truly confidential. So my cover diagnosis is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Am I being paranoid? Because PTSD is more “acceptable” disorder if my diagnosis leaks out? Does DID somehow have more stigma associated with it than PTSD? What do you think?

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Lamictal – a drug for DID?

“Although there are no medications that specifically treat dissociative identity disorder, [some drugs] may be prescribed to help control the …symptoms associated with it.” [Stephens]

Oh yeah? Check out Lamictal.

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