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The Flip Side: An Excellent Interview for a New Therapist

After deciding to return to therapy, I interviewed two therapists.  I’ve already reported on the my response to Bizarre Animal Lady in the surreal interview environment and the surreal interview itself.  That “event” was easy to blog about – it was over and gone.

But I’ve delayed writing about the good interview because I didn’t want to jinx the relationship.  But it is far enough along now that I am ready to share.

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Part 2: Menagerie Aside, The Surreal Therapy Session Itself

Recently, I scheduled consultation interviews with two therapists, hoping one would be the “one.” Good news – I found her! Bad news, the other therapist has not a clue. You already know how that session started and ended – with the surreal therapy room and therapy menagerie. I promised to follow up about the consultation itself. This post is much less fun. It will piss you off.

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Whole Life Coaching for Multiples – What a Coach Will Not Expect

I am between jobs, which is a polite way of saying that my last company screwed me over by proposing an unexpectedly ridiculous contract that I was being pressured to accept within three days. <I’ll bend over on my own terms when it suits my ulterior motives. These were no longer My Terms. Thus, I was instantly somewhat less motivated to maintain the position.>

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Looking for Attention, Baby Talk and Fakers in DID

HF mentioned Fakes and Baby Talk in How does “I” become “We”? I also have a hard time with this. As someone with DID, I realize that makes me a pretty big target for flames.

Hold on while I put on my flame proof suit.

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Review: INSiDE short film

YouTube has a fascinating movie called “INSiDE” that was recommended on Secret Shadow’s blog.

It is about 5 minutes long, and it is a representation of MPD/DID. I hesitate to even write anything here because it rather speaks for itself. But the ending – excellent. You gotta see it.

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Why do we often get worse after starting therapy?

I lamented in a previous post that therapy has made things worse. For that “logical” reason, I decided to stop therapy. However, after a switch away from that rageful person, I am less sure. Some thoughts on why this happens.

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Switching in DID

For weeks, I have been in a despair of utter depression. Rageful and angry. Lashing out, frustrated, hurting people without realizing, unable to see beyond the next few hours, uncaring what happened to me.

Suicidal, resolute to quit therapy, nearly done with life. Drugged into daily stupor, unable to engage in any of the activities that used to give me pleasure or distraction.

And then I switched. A personal discussion of how and why switching occurs and what does it feel like?

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