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The Percent Theory of Fragmentation and Integration – Anna’s Experiences

Last week my good friend Anna sent me a fantastic email – “Omigod my life has changed… three and a half weeks ago I just kinda… integrated. Spontaneously, and it held!”
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Terms people used to find my blog

In WordPress, bloggers have a control panel to manage the blog. We can do anything from write, edit, and delete posts, accept or reject comments, monitor what posts were read each day, and even see what links people selected.

But what surprised me is the list of terms that people have entered into search engines (Google for example) that brought them to my blog. This control panel feature provided something that I had not expected.

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Milestones in treatment for trauma: everyone is a fingerprint

My old therapist often used the phrase, “Everyone is a fingerprint, everyone has a different story, everyone’s healing is different.” Then why did my therapy seem so undefined and generic? And by the same token, why couldn’t she identify the “fingerprint” milestones I had accomplished, providing only generic milestones instead?

Even after a few month, I felt something wasn’t right. So why was this fingerprint thing important?

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Comment: A world dipped in fear

I read a great quote today:

PTSD is like waking up one day and the world has been dipped in fear.

Wow. Heavy. True. It’s from a post called Awakenings: Dipped in Fear from the blog of Catatonic Kid: A Mind Boiling Over. It’s a great description of what PTSD feels like.

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