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The Percent Theory of Fragmentation and Integration – Anna’s Experiences

Last week my good friend Anna sent me a fantastic email – “Omigod my life has changed… three and a half weeks ago I just kinda… integrated. Spontaneously, and it held!”
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Believing the first 4/6 of the Dissociative Spectrum, but not the rest

Does DID/MPD exist as a clinical condition, or is DID/MPD “just an extreme example of what we all do every day.”?

Is this an “either/or” question or do these really say the same thing?

These thoughts and words come from a post that Annenco sent me – a post from someone who attempts to explore and resolve the concept of DID/MPD in 400 words or less. Hers is a kinder, gentler stereotype – tempering the concept into something everyone can more easily reject.

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Comment: Emotional Flashbacks

I read a post today called Non-Visual Flashbacks after Child Abuse. Everyone can understand what a visual flashback might be, even if they have never experienced one. Faith Allen relays that non-visual flashbacks are another wonderful aspect of PTSD, and she is right.  Some thoughts on flashbacks that overwhelm all the senses.

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When therapy becomes useless

Okay, so after months and months, I found the rage. That I have been encouraged to get in touch with for nearly a year. Now how the hell do I deal with it when the only solution offered is just to “keep coming to therapy?

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What’s going on in the brain with DID? Biological markers in DID

Since a few of us are rabidly into facts and physical proof, I’ve done some research to understand the biological and physiological changes that accompany DID and PTSD. While those with mental disorders may disparagingly be called “head cases,” it turns out that in the physical sense, that’s actually true .

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Hypnagogia, co-consciousness, and the duality of multiples

A strange experience last night launched this morning’s digging for information. I awoke disjointed and wondering, whose nightmare had I been having. It was clearly not my own.

Shortly after I went to sleep, the feelings started. Instead of my normally detailed narrative dreams, what I experienced had a content I couldn’t quite reach. As if I was experiencing the body thrashings of someone else’s nightmares.

My research took me from hypnagogia, to theta waves, amnesic memories, co-consciousness, and amazingly, back around to the multiplicity of unity that is Jung.

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